MEE: Government urges nuclear waste management custodians to cooperate

The Ministry of Employment and the Economy MEE informs in its press release that the Finnish government urges parties responsible for nuclear waste management to cooperate.

According to the Minister of Economic Affairs Mr Jyri Häkämies, this is the Government’s message to the operators in the field that technical clarifications regarding final disposal should be carried out in a neutral manner. After that it is time to make conclusions.

Mr Häkämies says that if the clarifications show that a joint solution is feasible and the best perspective of overall economy and safety, parties must be able to cooperate. The issue was on the agenda of the Cabinet Committee of Economic Policy on February 28th. According to the press release of the Ministry, the Government is prepared to use the option of assignment given by the 29 paragraph of the Nuclear Law for ensuring cooperation of Posiva, its owners and Fennovoima.

The paragraph 29 states that the Ministry of Employment and the Economy can oblige parties to cooperate in nuclear waste management if this can increase safety or decrease costs significantly or if other important reasons require this. If the paragraph is applied, it means that Fortum Power and Heat and TVO would be ordered to cooperate with Fennovoima.

The Ministry requires that the parties start the clarifications that are needed for joint final waste management.

Posiva is planning a final disposal site in Olkiluoto, Eurajoki for depositing the nuclear waste of the altogether six nuclear power plant units of Posiva’s owners, TVO and Fortum. Posiva is submitting its construction licence application to the Council of State by the end of this year.

In 2010, Fennovoima was granted a Decision-in-Principle which includes a condition that by 2016, the company must present an agreement of cooperation in nuclear waste management with the current operators or an assessment programme on the environmental impacts of its own final disposal facility for spent fuel.

Read the Ministry's press release here.