Have a nice summer!

This time of the year it’s good to look back a bit.

The main task for this year in Fennovoima is choosing the plant supplier for Hanhikivi 1 plant and that has been keeping us busy during the first months of 2013 and we’re continuing with it after summer.

During 2013 we will choose either Japanese Toshiba or Russian Rosatom as our plant supplier.

Negotiations are underway with both companies. Direct negotiations with Toshiba for 1600 MW EU-ABWR plant begun in February. With Rosatom the direct negotiations were started in April for a 1200 MW AES-2006 plant. You can find more information from our website.

Fennovoima’s ownership changed early this year when our majority owner Voimaosakeyhtiö SF bought E.ON’s one third ownership of Fennovoima. E.ON is selling all of its operations in Finland, and this included Fennovoima’s nuclear power plant project. Now Fennovoima has 60 Finnish owners from industry and energy fields. What draws them together is the need for stable-priced environmental friendly electricity.

During this summer, too, various studies will be conducted on our site in Pyhäjoki, e.g. regarding bird fauna, seat water quality, seismic monitoring and baseline study for environmental radiation. Read more from our website.

Fennovoima’s Communications department is on-call all through the summer. Email us at viestinta@fennovoima.fi or find our information here.

Enjoy your summer!