Happy holidays!

Busy 2012 is closing to its end and the holidays are almost here. This year Fennovoima celebrated its 5th birthday: the company was founded in summer of 2007.

During this year Fennovoima has been working with the supplier selection. Areva and Toshiba submitted their bids for a nuclear power plant on January. Almost all Fennovoima employees as well as several consultants have been reviewing the bids during the year.

On the site in Pyhäjoki in Northern Finland several different studies have been made throughout the year both on land and sea areas.

Fennovoima’s organization has grown substantially during 2012. We have hired a few dozen new employees and by the end of the year there are some 80 people working in Fennovoima, mainly in our Helsinki office.

Fennovoima’s vast owner base of over 60 owners has seen changes. A few shareholders of Fennovoima's majority owner Voimaosakeyhtiö SF announced they will not continue in Fennovoima. In addition, minority owner E.ON announced they are selling all of their businesses in Finland, including Fennovoima. E.ON is committed to Fennovoima until spring 2013 and Voimaosakeyhtiö SF and E.ON are working on the ownership arrangements together.

Also, during 2012 we have continued cooperation with different groups for preparing for the construction project. Preparation continues all over Finland, especially around Pyhäjoki site municipality as well as the whole Northern Finland.

The main target for 2013 is to choose the plant supplier.

Before that it’s time to relax and enjoy the holidays.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!