Fennovoima signed technical development agreements with Areva and Toshiba

Fennovoima has signed technical development agreements on two reactor designs, Areva’s EPR and Toshiba’s ABWR.

The works to be performed are based on the agreements and ensure that these reactors will fulfill both the Finnish safety requirements and Fennovoima’s own technical requirements.

With the ongoing technical development Fennovoima is preparing for selecting the plant supplier and applying for the construction license. Advanced technical development works contribute to the safety of the nuclear power plant. Fennovoima´s goal is that the project as a whole proceeds as planned.

Areva’s EPR is an advanced pressurized water reactor rated in a range up to 1,700 MW electric. Toshiba’s ABWR is an advanced boiling water reactor rated about 1,600 MW electric.

Fennovoima will select the plant supplier in 2012 after the forthcoming competitive bidding process which will cover issues related to implementation and commercial matters.