Fennovoima continues studies in Pyhäjoki site

During 2012 Fennovoima has conducted various soil and bedrock studies in the land and sea areas.

Soil studies will continue during the rest of the year. First, studies will be started in the alignment of the planned new road leading to the power plant area. These studies are planned to be started during October. In addition, further soil and bedrock studies are planned to be started during November in the future nuclear power plant area.

The studies will give information for applying of various permits as well as for construction and structure design.

Once the studies have started, there will be a map of the studies for display in Fennovoima’s Pyhäjoki office (address Vanhatie 48, 86100 Pyhäjoki, Finland). The office is open Mondays and Tuesdays 9-15.

For more information, please contact Fennovoima’s Geo Engineer Timo Riipi, tel. +358 20 757 9123.

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