Fennovoima 5 years

Fennovoima, the third nuclear power company of Finland, was published 5 years ago to the day.

A group of Finnish companies in need of reasonably priced electricity founded Fennovoima with E.ON. Today Fennovoima has 68 shareholders.

Many big milestones have been met during the first five years.

In 2008 Fennovoima made an Environmental Impact Assessment of possible site locations and in January 2009 the company submitted a Decision-in-Principle application to the Finnish government.

The Finnish government and parliament granted Fennovoima the Decision-in-Principle in 2010.

In 2011 research regarding various topics aiming at selecting a site location for Fennovoima's nuclear power plant were finalized. Based on these assessments Pyhäjoki in Northern Ostrobothnia was selected. It is the third nuclear power municipality of Finland. Clarifying environmental and other studies in the site continue.

In 2012 Fennovoima's some 70 employees and dozens of outside consultants are evaluating the bids for Fennovoima's Hanhikivi 1 nuclear power plant received from Areva and Toshiba earlier that year. The supplier will be selected in 2012 or 2013. The schedule of the whole construction project will be further defined in the plant contract.