Eva Pitkänen

Amongst other things Eva Pitkänen is in charge of Hanhikivi 1 site’s schedule planning together with Fennovoima and RAOS. Eva has moved to Pyhäjoki just recently and site visits are an integral part of her work day. The chance to be part of greenfield nuclear power project was the reason why Eva applied for Fennovoima in 2011. She wanted to join the project in the early phase. These years in Fennovoima have taught her a lot about nuclear technology and nuclear field in general as well as Russian nuclear industry and culture, says Eva.

According to Eva, the colleagues and international work community are the best part of her work.

For Eva, traveling is a good way to relax and other culture’s music and arts are close to her heart. After many years, she has also started to play viola again.

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